Kongres SOMED 2018

Date: 18th – 19th June 2018

Place: Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Hungary

The mission of SOMED 2018 CONGRESS is to present scientific achievements and research advances in the field of human microbial ecology and role of the microbes in health and disease. SOMED 2018 Congress provides a comprehensive scientific forum to all stakeholders from this field. The Congress is also a networking event for scientists, researchers and technology providers. The conference will also provide a platform for scientific exchange and discussion between delegates from worldwide academia and industry.
The main topic of the SOMED 2018 Congress is „The role of microbiota in health and disease across the spectrum of issues“.



Goal of the SOMED 2018 Congress is to further develop the understanding of the complexity of microbial ecology in relation to diseases, and to explore how to transform research findings to practical tools and applications in order to promote health and prevent disease.

The SOMED 2018 Congress is a unique opportunity to exchange scientific knowledge to explain the role of microbial ecology in health and disease and to initiate international cooperation between scientists and institutions working in the field. Special focus will be on the creation of opportunity for young scientist to present their research achievements. The Young Scientist Award and the Best Poster Award of SOMED 2018 CONGRESS will be awarded to outstanding young scientists, who are at the beginning of their career and who conduct basic or applied research in the field of microbiota and disease. The presenting author is under the age of 35.

Budapest will offer you also excellent cultural and social program during your stay.
For further information visit the congress website www.probiotic-conference.net or contact the Organizing Secretariat of the SOMED 2018 CONGRESS:

phone: +421 948 027 101
e-mail: monika.kvakova@upjs.sk

Registration fees:

290€ - SOMED congress only
190€ - SOMED congress student fee*
90€ - SOMED congress-the price is valid for IPC2018 conference participants only
Special for SOMED Congress participants: free entry for IPC2018 on the 19th of June 2018

*ONLY for participants attending university or institute of higher education as student and are under the age of 28 at the conference start date


  • Alojz Bomba - President of the SOMED 2018 CONGRESS, Slovakia
  • Eugenia Bezirtzoglou - President of the SOMED, Greece
  • Elissa Bertazzoni, Minelli Italy
  • Helena Tlaskalová-Hogenová, Czech Republic
  • Nadiya Boyko, Ukraine
  • Raina Fichorova, USA
  • Pavol Jarčuška, Slovakia
  • Shigeru Kamiya, Japan
  • Veronica Lazar, Romania
  • Tore Midtvedt, Sweden
  • Wilhelm Holzapfel, South Korea


  • Alojz Bomba - President of the SOMED2018 CONGRESS Slovakia
  • Monika Kvaková - Executive Director Slovakia
  • Ľuboš Ambro Slovakia
  • Izabela Bertková Slovakia
  • Oľga Cisková Slovakia
  • Ladislav Strojný Slovakia
  • Mária Suváková Slovakia
  • Monika Vaňková Slovakia
  • Norbert Bomba Slovakia