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„It was my dream to study medicine at Charles University“

10080This year, a record number of students enrolled for our study programmes in English (General Medicine and Dentistry). They come from all over the world (41 different nations), and although this may be their first extended stay away from home, they have already begun forming new connections and cherishing lifelong memories. 

In the matriculation ceremony, held on October 26th, the international students took an oath to uphold their responsibilities and university regulations. We asked four of them about their experience and why they decided to come to Prague and LF1. In this issue of the magazine you may read two of their stories. The other two will be publish in the next issue of the magazine. We wish all first-year students the best of luck in their studies.


Sanaa Syed – India, Medical student

1. Why have you decided to join the First Faculty of Medicine?

Charles University is one of the best universities in the world, with a high world ranking in clinical medicine. To us students, the university allows exploring various countries and their healthcare systems through international internships. All the more, it was my dream to study medicine at Charles University, and this was the first step to accomplishing that dream.

2. What are you most excited about during your studies?

The experience I will get by working in a hospital close to patients and different doctors – is something I am looking forward to. Also, interacting with students from all over the world and learning about them and their cultures is exciting and will also help broaden my understanding and knowledge.

3. What surprised you about Czech culture?

People from the Czech Republic are very accepting and understanding of us, coming from different places with different cultures; it was pleasant to experience. Also, whenever I visited the city centre, I saw several musicians playing various instruments. As a guitar player, I found this appreciation and love for music fascinating.


Mohammed Ali – UK, Dentistry student

1. Why have you decided to join the First Faculty of Medicine?

Charles University is a prestigious and well-established University in the world. I chose Charles University to study Dentistry for the quality of education delivered, the continuous support you receive from the lecturers and the clinical component, which involves working with phantom heads and patients.

2. What are you most excited about during your studies?

I am most excited by the laboratory and clinical knowledge being implemented from the very first week. The weekly practical classes allow me to fine-tune my preciseness and dexterity skills, which are indispensable in becoming a great dental practitioner.

3. How are you adjusting to life in Prague?

Prague is a beautiful city with a lot of historical and magnificent architecture. The people here are very polite, respectful and show integrity irrespective of what walks of life you are from. I am very honoured and humbled to be accepted to be part of and study in Prague at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.